I've been interested in scrapbooking ever since childhood, but that involved adhering acid-filled paper to lignin-enhanced cardstock with 'add-your-own-acid' glue. I used to look through my old scrapbooks and wonder why they fell apart in my hands.

Years later I returned to this hobby to find it's been revolutionised by highly creative scrapbookers (99% female!) who make breathtaking layouts that put my early efforts to shame. But I've started catching on.


When I'm not scrapping, I'm an actor and corporate roleplayer. I have kept my TV appearances to a minimum - which has certainly avoided the problem of being typecast. So you'll mostly find me acting in the corporate world - where they actually pay you more than your bus fare. If you need to train your staff to deal with difficult people - I'll gladly be difficult for you!


This site is to share some ideas for themed scrapbook layouts that might spark off ideas for your own pages. If you want to copy layouts via a step-by-step 'recipe' then other sites will give you that. I think it's more rewarding to borrow ideas from here and there and come up with something new.


I was completely clueless as to how to build a website, but was lucky enough to stumble on an extraordinary site building package called 'SiteBuildit!' or SBI! . If you want to build a website, you'll be among friends with a seemingly limitless desire to help you succeed with it.

I hope you find the site useful and fun to roam around in, and that it gives you the odd spark of an idea to run with. I also hope that the guys start wising up to what they're missing with this very pleasurable pastime.

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