If a Scrapbooking business is an idea that turns you on, then there are a number of different options open to you. If you love this hobby, then it will never seem like work, but your scrapbooking business could still bring in up to $1000 a month – or more - if you get proactive!

Here are some of the most popular ways that scrappers have turned their passion into dollars:-

Hosting Crops

One route to your scrapbook business might be to host a regular crop for scrapper friends and also their friends. I’ve attended these myself, and even as (maybe especially as!) the only guy, it was a pleasant way to spend a morning, even though it was a long time to not be talking about sport.

As the host, you can sell products, and it’s amazing how incentivised folks are to buy stash when they’re in that environment. You just need a room, a kettle, chocolate cookies, plenty of papers and embellishments around, and maybe a Sissix or a Cricut machine. It can be great for people to try a Cricut

out at your Crop, as they may then want their own – and you can get it for them at a profit.

Building a scrapbooking website

This was obviously my own ‘weapon of choice’. You can ‘monetize’ your site by linking to certain ‘affiliate offers’ that will pay you a commission from any resulting sale (up to 75% for information products or 10-15% for ‘hard goods’).

You can also sign up for Adsense – where Google will place small, relevant ads on your site and charge that advertiser every time that ad is clicked on – sharing that with you as the site owner. You do need to provide content though, so there’s a bunch of writing to do before you see any money. But if you like to write about scrapbooking it won’t really seem like work.

I’d have to say I’d have struggled without the amazing resource and helpline that is ‘SiteBuildIt!’. If you’d like a website but freeze at the thought of what might be involved, then you won’t find a more user-friendly way to make your online scrapbooking business a reality. Click here to find out how to start an online scrapbooking business using

'SiteBuildIt!' using 'SiteBuildIt!'.

Becoming a Scrapbook ‘Instructor’

You can teach scrapbooking – you just need to check out how they’ll pay you.

It can be by the hour, or you might get a percentage of the fee that everyone pays to be at that particular class. You might also get paid in products – not as unattractive as that might initially sound! As for opening a Scrapbook store – that is so labour and money intensive – not to mention precarious – that it’s not something I could recommend confidentally. If someone’s offering to sell you a scrapbook store – why are they doing that?!

Creating Pages for Others

You’ll find that many friends have drawers full of scattered photos or albums full of loose snaps – neither of which bring much pleasure to the owner.

One look at your scrapbook might hook them into wanting to create their own layouts. But if they’re time-pressed or just don’t feel confident or inspired to have a go, they may well be willing to pay you to make layouts for them.

You could charge 15 or 20 dollars perhaps, (I have heard of more than that), and they will cherish the result. They may well feel the time it would take them to produce something less good, is time they would rather free up and have you do it with style! Having your own fab scrapbook to show people is a must if you choose this type of scrapbooking business.

'Creative Memories'

Still the best known of all Scrapbooking Business Opportunities, it offers a great track record of success for any keen scrapper to turn their hobby into something more.

It is a multi-level marketing business, - which is perfectly legal and ethical. (A lot of garbage is talked about ‘MLM’ businesses). You can find out more here, and although this is the US page, there is a ‘worldwide’ link on it to take you to any other region of the world……

'Creative Memories'

‘Leaving Prints’

Coming out of Utah – (known as the ‘Scrapbooking State’!) – this company are a great outlet for the more entrepreneurial scrapbooker. You will need to invest in one of the two starting kits they offer, but there is no actual start-up fee. Since starting in 2002, around 10,000 scrappers in the US have got started. Here is an interview with a top distributor

'Leaving Prints'

Postal Address:-
Leaving Prints
1753 West Business Park Drive
UT 84058
Tel: 801-426-0636
Fax: 801-434-8877

‘Close to My Heart’

Despite the demise of Top Line Creations as a multi-level marketing opportunity (it’s now a discount buying club, since April 2008) you can still earn income as an independent consultant for ‘Close to My Heart.’

This can begin as merely a way to access new products and get better prices, but if you 'sponsor' others into the business you can start to earn residual passive income on the activities of your ‘group’.

Whichever route you want your scrapbooking business to take, choose the one that you’re most enthusiastic about – not necessarily the one that promises the most money. It’s your passion for what you do that will keep you proactive and ultimately successful.

I wish you the ‘best of British’ – that’s ‘good luck’ round my way.

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