Scrapbooking ideas come in many shapes and sizes, and you are a lot more creative than perhaps you realise. If you weren’t, why would you be drawn to this great hobby in the first place?

If you can have an idea about what colour to paint the kids room, or which room to put that rubber plant, then great scrapbooking ideas won’t be too much of a stretch!

I’d always suggest making layouts or indeed whole scrapbooks around a theme. That’s what makes your layouts more than just a photo album or a miscellaneous collection hastily thrown together.

And while we're on the hastily thrown together theme, before starting any themed scrapbook layout, it's a great idea to map it out first and this book is the best tool I've found for that - Jen Gormley's '500 Scrapbooking Sketches' . She has a real knack in bringing simple line drawings to life and it's a big time saver to have a 'road map'. There's a good example of this if you scroll about half way down this page . There's also some free sketches and more stuff on scrapbook sketches here.

So what are some of the most popular themes in scrapbooking these days? Well, a quick glance down the left side of this page will give you a good few, but let’s put some ideas down for you here:

Family Scrapbooking

Who wouldn’t be interested in Family Scrapbooking ? A baby scrapbook album is always good because your baby changes so rapidly – giving you stacks of photos for scrapbooking that you can arrange in themes. Examples of these themes could be a birthday scrapbook layout , a bathtime scrapbook layout , or even a baby shower idea scrapbook .

As your kids get older they’re still changing pretty fast plus they’re getting into all sorts of highly ‘scrapable’ situations, whether it be party costumes when they’re young like in a pirate scrapbook layout or in photos where the kids are almost into adulthood, in for example a prom scrapbook layout .

Occasion Scrapbooking

Some of the most popular scrapbooking ideas might be a Halloween page scrapbook , an Easter scrapbook layout , or perhaps a mothers day scrapbooking project. There are a whole bunch more occasions you can scrap, such as Christmas, Hannukah, Thanksgiving, and 4th July. Let’s not forget the mother of all occasions – a wedding scrapbook !


There are as many travel scrapbook ideas as there are places you can visit. The obvious ones for the kids would be a Disneyworld scrapbook , a Seaworld scrapbook layout , or just simply a beach scrapbook layout . But not all your travel has to be about the kids, eh? You can scrap your own quality time abroad such as in my Italy scrapbook .


Any decent stash will have some sport scrapbook supply around the place. Certain sports have their own look and feel which is conducive to a layout style, whether it be the shape of the field – in this baseball scrapbook layout

– or the mood of the embellishments.

Other scrapbooking ideas

Other popular themes would include Heritage, Occupations, Pets, Seasons, Cars or Motorbikes , or yourself. Hey, it’s your scrapbook. If you want to do layouts about different facets of your own character – you can Just let the ideas flow!

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