Scrapbooking sketches are great for organising your ideas and creating great layouts in a reasonably short time.

What's great about them is far from imposing limiting structure on you, they open up all sorts of design opportunities.

This is an excellent and good value book to get inspiration for

'701 Scrapbook Sketches' . It is a site I like primarily because the layouts on it are soooo good. But once I quit gawping at the final layout I like to look at the very simple sketch from which it was created.

It's amazing how one sketch template can be the birth of literally hundreds of different design ideas.

This next site, called '52 Sketches in 52 Weeks' is also great. At the time of writing the 52 weeks have passed and the only scrapbook sketches and final layouts are from number 43 onwards. Hope you catch them in time!

If after seeing these two sites you want to get serious with your sketch templates then there is only one resource to go for - Jen Gormley's fantastic '500 Scrapbooking Sketches'


The best thing you can say about this book is that it busts through your 'creative block' like a demolition ball. Your final layouts may vary from good to excellent, but the days of changing your mind halfway through your gluing phase are over!

One thing that you can do from the get go is to look at some of your own layouts and copy the template as a line drawing. If you really like that layout then the chances are that you have - maybe accidentally - hit upon a winning template that you can duplicate for entirely different themes, colour schemes and layouts etc.

Why not take several copies of a basic line drawing layout sketch to a crop and see the totally different layouts people come up with using the exact same start point. The next week, it could be someone else's turn to choose the sketch!

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