So What's Your Next Themed Scrapbook Idea Going to Be?

My latest scrapbook idea was to 'scrap' our wedding last August as a Christmas present for my wife. What could be better than that?!

I bought a lovely post-bound 12 x 12 album, dug out my slightly depleted stock of papers and accents (I must get better organised. Maybe it's a guy thing) and then looked online for some layout ideas, embellishments etc.

I found many Great Websites for Scrapbook ideas and materials but.......

Boy, did I have to trawl through a lot of 'non-wedding' stuff to find what I needed!

You see....

I didn't want Halloween fonts

I didn't want Easter embellishments

I didn't want Baby Boy templates

and I didn't want Harley-Davidson stickers........


Now, if you're an Easter egg-loving, Harley-riding mother with a liking for the occult - I apologise! But if you've got a great idea for your next project - and you'd rather crop than surf, then might just help you 'crop to the chase' a bit more quickly and hopefully we'll have some fun along the way.

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