Have you ever searched for free scrapbooking printouts on the web and been taken to a page that blathers on about free printouts for six paragraphs and never actually gives you any? I have.

Look, why don’t I just give you some links where you can grab yourself as many free scrapbook printouts as you want? I haven’t got any myself so let me send you to someone who has!

That reminds me of a funny story………

Don’t worry! Here are those links:

Link 1

I love this collection. There are some quite unusual themed scrapbook papers you can freely download, such as ‘Motorcycle’, ‘Law Enforcement’, and ‘Horses/Rodeo’. Lots of border and embellishment stock too. Do scroll down though - the page does start a long way down.

Link 2

‘Love to Know’ is a very good site, and this link will get you to a fine collection of free stickers, as well as a link to some free clipart images you can also use.

Link 3

This last link require you to download the ‘Smilebox’ software but there are 800 free printouts for you, so together with the first two links, I’m hoping your needs will be met – even if your page themes are a little out of the ordinary!

Once you have all your printouts, you will need to see the fruits of your labour in a well-crafted layout. I have been thrilled to discover this excellent book for creating

sketch templates before launching into a layout unprepared. Highly recommend it.

I hope you can make use of these links and create some great layouts without breaking the bank – as we’ve all gone mad with our stash at some point in our lives! I've put some more links here to sites with free scrapbook printables . Also, if you want to download some excellent and free scrapbook pages then do follow this link. You can get access to even more free scrapbooking layouts here. Grab what you can!

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