I thought that rather than blather on about scrapbook layout ideas for ten paragraphs I'd produce a little gallery of my layouts! I've also stashed a few more scrapbook page layouts here.

I'll kick off with some travel pages, as travel is a theme neither you nor I will EVER exhaust - not in one lifetime anyhow.

If you click on any of these layouts you'll get to find out how and why I made them.......




I don't want to restrict these scrapbooking page ideas to travel scrapbook layouts, of course, and I have some more scrapbooking page layouts featuring my (and others'!) children on another page, so here a few more scrapbooking layout ideas inspired by my nearest and dearest - beginning with our unfeasibly fat cat Bella.......




Sometimes, a great way to plan your layout is to draw up a scrapbook sketch template which is good for more than one reason. Firstly, you can mess up the sketch and start again - painlessly! Secondly, it stops us changing our minds half way through and ending up with a mish mash. And thirdly - the end result looks better anyway! There's a good example of a scrapbook sketch half way or so down this page.

Let's round off with a few pages that gave vent to my creativity on the journaling and captions front.......



I've got a few tips for scrapbook layouts you can check out, plus an extra page of scrapbook layout

pointers if you're hungry!

The only bad layout ideas are ones that never get made.

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