Here are a few more scrapbook layout tips for you to get your teeth into!.........

Rub-on Transfers layout

Using rub-on transfers is both easy and tricky. (Work that one out!) It is easy in the sense that all you have to do is to rub on and you have an instant layout. It is tricky in the sense that you have to practise in order to achieve a perfect transfer.

If you are using rub-on transfers for the first time, then you should start on a smooth surface. Once you get the hang of it, move on to the next level and use the transfer on surfaces such as metal, mesh, ribbon, and glass.

'Z' pattern layout

Arrange all the materials you have in a 'Z' pattern. Meaning - the arrangements should start at the top left of the page and move in a 'Z' pattern to the bottom right.

Focal point layout

Use one photo as a focal point and move outwards. The focal point can be a large photo. This would give the viewer a starting point on where to begin looking. If you are using 3 or more photos, try to arrange them nicely.

You can use 3 different photo sizes arranged diagonally, with the focal point on the largest photo in the middle. You can also use one large photo with 2 small photos on each side.

Ageing paper layout

Weathering a paper is a popular technique on creating a layout. There are several ways to do this:

One is by dampening the paper and ironing it to dry.

Another way of ageing the paper is by rolling it into a ball to make it look wrinkled.

Then, sand it with a finest grained sand paper you can find.

If you want to make other types of scrapbook layout, you can combine 2 or more mentioned types to make one unique layout. The thing is to use your imagination and creativity to make a layout that shows your individuality. If you're impatient to start producing fantastic layouts that a beginner should never be able to do, then you might want to unleash the 'Ultimate Resource'

and amaze your friends!

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