Printable scrapbook paper is a massive time and money saver for busy scrappers, and some sites offer a great variety of papers and scrapbooking borders you can print off and use straight away, though the choices available can be mind-boggling.

If you are making a themed scrapbook - (I guess that's quite likely or you wouldn't be here) then I would suggest looking at the following site's great selection of themed scrapbook papers, for FREE download.

Themed scrapbook papers

I think this site is great - so good they named it twice. This link takes you straight on to a page that has dozens of great styles of printable paper, which you can download as pdfs. You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to be able to use it. You can download the latest Acrobat (acrobat 9) for free here...


I've found another site that is very hot on printable scrapbook papers, with a fabulous selection of 'e-cuts' that would make great accents to use with your printable scrapbook paper. I couldn't work out the techie bit of getting you to the specific page so this is what you do;

Just click on the link below, then on 'e-cuts' on the navigation bar on the left, and finally on "E-Cuts (Printable Scrapbooking Cut-Outs). See what you think. It's the best selection I could find. They're not free but they aren't expensive, AND you can use your Acrobat 9 to download them.

Here's that link:-

Shop for computer scrapbooking supplies at!

One of the big advantages of printing off your scrapbook paper is that we often buy our papers in sets - supposedly to keep the cost down. What I often overlook is that I may use only 25% of the papers in the pack so not only do I lose the cost 'advantage', but it's taken all that time to 'shlep' up to the store to buy it!


Well you could just go right ahead and make a layout. OR you could get your hands on this superb Scrapbooking Video Guide and let Stephanie Barnard take you through the process of creating great layouts on video, step by step.

You may well find yourself inspired by Here you can learn how to use digital products and techniques on a traditional scrapbook page, find interesting tips & articles along with a range of unique digital scrapbooking paper designs and embellishments for all scrapbooking and card making purposes.

Another option would be to 'go to scrapbook school' for a short while and a few bucks and learn how to make stunning layouts to wow your friends that don't take 3 months to make. Gladys Potter is a consistent creator of truly wonderful layouts

Finally, here's a good site that also gives you the opportunity to download FREE printable paper. They're not so strong on themes, but with themed accents and embellishments, you can achieve that anyhow. See what you think...

Free Scrapbook Paper

Whatever printable paper you go for, you're the magic that will create a winning layout out of it. Never forget that!

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