If you want to know which magazine scrapbooking enthusiasts flock to – you’ve guessed it – there’s no simple answer. In the UK, we’re blessed with some great titles but that’s nothing compared to the vast choices ‘across the pond’.

Here is a selection of links to some of the most popular titles, that I can personally vouch for, as well as giving you the cost of a year’s subscription (as of January 4th 2010).

'Creating Keepsakes' (USA):-

Contests, Blog, Tips, Free Downloads, ‘Scrap and Paper Corner’ Community.
Subscription - $19.97 a year

‘Scrapbooking and Beyond’ (USA)

Contests, online projects, shops listing (limited).
Subscription (4 issues) - $19.97 (USA)
$27.97 (CAN)
$31.97 (Elsewhere)

‘Scrapbooks Etc’ (USA)

New Product reviews, step by step instructions, layout ideas.
Subscription - $19.97 a year (via Amazon) (8 issues)

‘Scrapbook & Cards Today’ (CAN)

Blog, ‘how tos’, Canadian store directory, reader submissions, gallery.
Subscription (4 issues) CAN$27.95 for USA (cost is ‘shipping only’. Go figure!)
CAN$16.95 within Canada.

‘Scrapbooking Memories’


Top Aussie title!

‘Inspiration Central’ regular feature, blog, competitions.
Subscription – 8 issues for AUD$56.

‘Scrapbook Magazine’ (UK)

Step by step guides, layout ideas, free giveaways with all issues.
Free trial issue plus 30 day money back guarantee if unsatisfied.
Subscription - £15 a year (6 issues)

‘Scrapbook Inspirations’ (UK)

One of my personal favourites - the magazine scrapbooking enthusiasts from Britain really enjoyed - though the November 2009 edition was sadly the last of its type.

It is about to ‘morph’ into something else, almost certainly a quarterly, though we’ll find out soon enough. This is a direct quote from Rosie Waddicor and the Editorial team –

“Your favourite scrapbooking magazine will be back in 2010, in a new format. Work is already underway on the first of our quarterly specials, scheduled to go on sale in February”.

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