One of the best scrap tips I was ever given was not to get too fazed out by how good some scrappers are. No one was born a scrapbooker so just chill and have fun with it. You'll amaze yourself!


Remember what your guy's like when he's had a bad day on the golf course? Any layout that goes slightly off course can be fixed easily. There's no right and wrong. If you drive your golf ball into the rough - now, that IS tricky to fix!


I found it hard to 'dive in' at first. When I looked at layouts in great UK titles like 'Scrapbook Inspirations', I began to wonder whether I should go for a less creative pastime. I then decided to visit a local scrap shop and club where I could crop in a friendly (all female!) environment where my fondness for scrapbooking has grown. I've also picked up some very good scrap tips. Seek out somewhere local to you, or take a look online at resources such as Directory World.


I have put together a list of scrapbook tools for you. It can never be comprehensive (the industry moves too quickly) but it's somewhere to start. If you want to learn to scrapbook with quick how-to tips, new techniques and awesome articles by experts in the industry, then 'Scrapbook Sensations' is worth checking out. If you fancy widening your horizons a little, you could maybe consider a video scrapbook. An excellent 'hand-holding' guide through creating great layouts by using sketched templates is 500 Scrapbooking Sketches . Half way down this page is a sample of how you could create a stunning layout from what at first seems like a simple template. This book is one of those scrap tips I wish I'd had a lot sooner!


There are a number of tools which might make life a bit easier on the scrapbook organization front. You will need to archive your photos for scrapbooking in an acid and lignin-free environment. If you're really serious about it, you could have a look at some scrapbooking desks , where you can keep your scrapbook albums, inks, scrapbooking stamps, scrapbook punches, scrap adhesive and crafting supplies. With plenty of storage space you can order bulk scrapbook supply without being overrun by your hobby! Here's a very nice 'walk-thru' page of how to put your scrapbook album together.


When you start realising that there's no scrapbooking equivalent of quadruple-bogeying the eighteenth hole, then you can open your shoulders a bit. Try scrapbook embossing using scrapbook die-cuts, sewing, wire-twisting and whatever else takes your fancy. Next time you find a brand new set of golf clubs in the car, it may even be time to create your ultimate scrapbook room!

If you want to fast-track yourself to stunning layouts in a fraction of the time it's taking you to do 'OK' ones then a few hours and a few bucks invested could bring great rewards. Gladys Potter's awesome 'Ultimate Scrapbooking Resource Guide' is the 'fast track' in question!


There's no law saying you HAVE to design your own scrapbooks. You may love scrapbook layouts but you're either time pressed or under-confident with your own design skills (probably unnecessarily!) It may well be worth considering Custom Scrapbook design . The results can be fab!

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