Scrapbooking desks are a must if you want to be able to scrap in peace. Isn't it a faff to have to clear all your stash away when your layout's not yet finished?

Obviously the more rooms you have the better your chances of claiming your own craft haven, but I hope these links will give you some options, whatever space and budget you have available:

The first site I want to show you has a great selection of scrapbooking desks including the 'EZ View' and the 'Mini-Desk', both of which have fab reviews. They also offer free delivery in the USA and Canada.

You may well find exactly what you need here, without having to look anywhere else.

If you've still not seen a desk that floats your boat and you haven't been aware of any recession recently, then do have a look at the high ticket offerings on 'For Keepsakes' . Fabulous desks - not for everyone's budget!

If you're not yet using Cricut - maybe you're waiting for someone to show you a 'roadmap' on how to get the best out of it. For using it to it's best capacity, you might well want to look here .

Here's my personal favourite set-up. Scrapbooking work areas as a corner unit always seem like a great use of space, and this photograph on Flickr is everything you'd want in a corner unit set-up .

Finally, I found a superb hub on Hubpages which says more about the options available for scrapbook desks than I ever could. So rather than lift chunks of rewritten text from this hub, I'd rather let you enjoy it undiluted!

I hope your scrapbooking furniture turns out to be everything you wanted and more!

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