My ultimate scrapbook room remains a bit of a dream for me. I don’t yet have a dedicated space for my hobby, but when I do - I certainly mean to get organised! In fact I've got it all planned out......


The hardest thing I’ve found about scrapping in a disorganised space is simply finding the elements of my stash that I need. I have a superb memory regarding papers and embellishments I’ve purchased, but a terrible memory for where I’ve put them. To be honest, a scrapping session for me is at least 50% ‘stash rummaging’.


Photo storage:

If you can, get some acid-free archival storage boxes or plastic supply cases. If your collection of photos for scrap booking photos for scrapbooking includes negatives, then take the necessary precautions.

Paper Storage:
Rather like when they display fashions or linens in a Department store, colour is a good way to sort papers. Ideally, a shelving stack with a natural gradation of colours (purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, brown, black, grey, white) works well. As the colours in your photo selection will dictate the papers you choose, this colour-based filing system is a big time-saver.

Embellishment Storage:
These items will definitely not ‘work’ in a shelf stack system. Preferably, use clear plastic containers so you can see the contents without having to open everything. Here you could group together by type of product rather than colour - so 'felts', 'buttons', 'eyelets', 'ribbons', 'brads', 'wire' etc would be good categories.


In a perfect world you'd have plenty of space in your ultimate scrapbook room, good natural lighting and ventilation, soft pastel shades on the wall - maybe even some of your better layouts hanging there to inspire you. This would also serve the purpose of showing 'scrap-sceptics' what all the effort is for, and why you spend time in there.


Get yourself a large, flat working surface with no 'non-scrapbooking' items on it except a bright angle-poise lamp. A small container for stuffing your offcuts as you work will save a lot of clearing up time afterwards. A comfortable office chair with back support is good. I use an orthopaedic chair for my dodgy back - which gives support under my knees.


When I do get that room I've imagined, I will be seriously looking at a scrapbook armoire. What an impressive adornment to any scrapbook room. If you've got the space and the 'disposable' in place already, then do check out this mean piece of furniture.

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