The two most common sizes for scrapbook albums are 12 x 12 inches and 8 x 11. All my scrapbook albums to date have been 12 x 12, as it gives me a bit more room for BIG letter journaling!


These days there is no longer any need to look at an album that isn't acid/lignin free. Your albums will outlive you many times over and give pleasure to many of your descendants if you stick to this very simple 'rule'.


3-Ring albums
These albums are very easy to use and you can quickly rearrange the order of your pages. For simplicity it 'ticks a few boxes' but it has two drawbacks: 1) The size of the rings limit its storage capacity and 2) the rings rather spoil any double-page spreads you may want to include.

Post-bound albums:
These albums (my overwhelming favourite) solve the problem of the 'spoiled' double page spread, as there is no separation of the pages when you open up your album. You also have the flexibility of being able - with the help of a screwdriver - to extend the posts and add more pages. It takes a little longer than for the 3-Ring, but then you shouldn't need to do it that often.

Strap-bound albums:
These albums have an expandable strap hinge which gives you the flexibilty of adding extra pages. However, you need to virtually take the album apart to do this which for me is a bit of a 'deal-breaker'.


A leather finish would perhaps be a fitting touch to a heritage scrapbook album, just as silk might cut it for a wedding . There are no hard and fast rules, so do what feels right to you.

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