Scrapbook layouts can be a bit of a mental block for some scrapbook beginners. If that's you, then do read the following to get some easy ideas on the different types of layouts you can use.

Patterned paper layout:-

When using patterned paper as a scrapbook page layout, you should follow these rules:

Never use a paper with a pattern larger than the smallest photographed head; patterned papers are secondary to the photos so never give too much concern if you cannot find the right photos to go on the pattern, and use plain paper over the pattern as a journal box.

Nameplate layout:-

Use large letter tiles to make bold effect on the layout. You can use stamps or stencils to put your name on the page. Other methods such as using embellishments to spell a name, embroidering the name on the page or using fonts like calligraphy are also great.

Handprint layout:-

Whether you are an artist or not, handprinting the page gives you a unique layout. Use acrylic paints, coloured pens, watercolours, or crayons to do this. For neatness, you can concentrate the large handprints around the borders of the page. Smaller handprints can come in between.

Newspaper layout:-

Create a page that looks like a newspaper’s front page. This works best if you intend to make a page that focuses on a significant event. Use an Old English (yeah, we do 'old better than most!) font as a heading - somewhat similar to the heading of a newspaper, in a large font size. A 'Times New Roman' font is good for the story text. Place a photo on the side or at the middle of the page.

A good sketch template

will save you time and produce better looking layouts.

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