I have some more scrapbook page layouts here that I've made over the years. These are around 'occasion' themes, but really I've put them here because they're all quite different from each other, and if just one of them sparks an idea then it's been worthwhile.

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Here's Roz looking resplendant in crimson.


A big day out at a sports fixture can be spoiled by the result of said fixture! All that anticipation for nothing!


I'll tell you a secret - I don't really 'get' Halloween. In the UK we're getting crazier about it every year. You come back from summer vacation to find big plastic spiders in the supermarket! Every few years I get cornered into going to a Halloween party, and so was born one of my more ironic pages.


One method I've since learned about scrapbook layouts, is to use scrapbook sketch templates . It helps with keeping me on track with an idea rather than changing my mind. I also think it improves the end result. It's amazing how a layout can blosson from a simple line drawing. There's a good example of that half way down this page.

Proms! Another massive US import to the UK. However, unlike with Halloween (which is just a cashfest for merchandisers)- I don't like Proms because I'm jealous. We never had them in our day! We have kids turning up in tanks and firetrucks, wearing spectacular ball gowns. The girls look nice too.


How a great occasion can be ruined by a desperate haircut and dodgy moustache. My stepson looked really cool in his. Maybe I thought I did too! Ouch.


Thanks for coming into my little world for a while, and keep scrapping!

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