Here are a few scrapbooking page ideas for you to look at. This small collection are all to do with my family, starting with my daughter, Hannah. She may be at University now but that doesn't stop me blowing the dust off this layout and uploading it!


Even more embarrassing for her, here is one of her own layouts!.......


This layout sometimes makes me chuckle.


That table, that appears in both photographs, had its legs significantly reduced at some point in the 1980s. These photographs appear on the wall in my folks' house - and people must think my youngest brother on the left must have been the size of a garden gnome!

I like scrapbook page ideas that spring from something quirky like that.

Sometimes though, even if the original idea is good, it's still a good idea to sketch out a template of what you're going to create and this awesome tool will help give your great scrapbooking page ideas a good head start.

Here's another layout and yes, this is still family. This is my coolest uncle from Colorado. He has since had that Harley transformed into a three-wheeler, as he is 70 or so! Mind you he STILL looks super cool.


and a couple more - me and my kids in school mode, and my niece in dressing up as a cat mode......



I would say 'dressing up as cat mode' looks more fun. This next page is all about celebrating grans. I don't know about you, but the grans were sure helpful when we found the baby routines a bit overwhelming. I found a nice page kit with some fancy embellishments to put this page together......


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