I searched for some free scrapbook pages myself the other day, and it’s harder than you think. A lot of sites just have a load of links to other sites that don’t actually have free pages. Uh?

So I thought I’d give you some links to sites who do exactly ‘what it says on the can’ – ie scrapbook pages that you don’t have to pay money for. Not much to ask is it?!

The first link I’ve got for you is our old friends at Scrapbook Scrapbook (so good they named it twice).

All the free scrapbook pages here are downloads, but what I like is that you can download a sample from most of the sets they have so you can check you like it before downloading a massive file that may not be what you want.

This next link is to a site you may not be so familiar with – I only discovered it recently – it's called ‘Little Pillow’ .

With this site, you can download free scrapbooking pages in pdf format. If you’d prefer them as jpegs, then the site explains how you can do this ‘transfer’ simply.

By the way, whether scrapbook pages are free or not, I’ve found that planning layouts in sketch form before diving in can greatly improve the result. Jen Gormley’s ‘500 Scrapboking Sketches’ is a great resource for this – and well worth checking out.

Your third link here is to a blog that I like called ‘Free Scrapbooking Supplies’ that offers free downloadable page kits on particular themes.

The choice of themes may be small but the detail available for each on is impressive. It’s also a very attractive looking page in itself!

This next link is to ‘LovetoKnow’ and this page is more of a portal to access other sites. Some of the links on it are better than others, but do have a look.

And finally, if you think you’ll want a lot of free scrapbook pages over time then an inexpensive way might be to join up at Princesscrafts

, who’ll make you very welcome and Wes and Kathy will look after your digital download needs for years.

Happy clicking and happy scrapbooking!

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