So where do you find decent scrapbooking stores to get materials for your stash?

Thankfully, there are a lot of stores out there. Just let your mouse do the walking - you'll find one not too far away hopefully. Some stores will even run a weekly crop - I remember being the only guy in one of these on many occasions!

Here are some of the things you can benefit from by visiting local - or even not-so-local scrap stores:

1) LITERATURE – Scrapbook stores sell books and magazines that can help you put a great scrapbook together. These How -To books offer you a load of useful tips on what to put in your scrapbook. A good look at someone else's layouts is a great way to spark off your own ideas.

These places also carry books of famous quotations and sayings which you can use in your journaling to better explain an object or picture’s significance.

2) MATERIALS – Scrap stores also carry tons of different materials for your creativity. The materials sold in scrapbook stores range from:

a) Basic – This includes special kinds of paper and cover materials for your scrapbook.

This would include background papers, cardstock and of course acid and lignin-free albums.

b) Add-ons – These materials consist of the little bits of odds and ends which enhance your scrapbook’s appearance. This would include 3D embellishments, stick-on transfers, rub-on transfers, ribbon, glitter - the list goes on.

3) Tools – This is where you'll grab your essential tools of the trade - included in this category are scissors, scrap adhesive , tape, pens, scrapbook punches , scrapbooking stamps , inks

and more.

Aside from purchases, however, you can also get other less tangible things from a good scrapbooking store.

3) ADVICE - These stores are usually owned by scrapbooking enthusiasts. It's nice to chat with someone who doesn't think you're a bit weird doing this!

4) COMPANIONSHIP – Scrapbook stores can be full of people whom you can relate to, not just the proprietor. You can just hang around the stores, share stories about your scrapbook and how it’s coming along. You can also share tips on different materials and how you use them.

I don't want to encourage you to loiter anywhere, but any keen scrapper will enjoy a visit to a scrapbook store, and I hope you can get round yours some time soon.

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