You may come across many scrapbooking tutorials online already. But maybe one more little one won't hurt!

Just like photos, scrapbooks are keepers of precious moments that you would always want to return back to. One day, you'll take a look at the scrapbooks you have created and they will deliver you back in time.

But some basic steps will help - especially if you want to look back on those old layouts with pride.

Good scrapbook tutorials can steer you through the hardest part - staring at a blank page, waiting for an idea to crop up. (Sorry. Terrible pun!)

Her are some thoughts to 'kick off' with:-

Know your own style

Have a think about what your natural style and personality is. Then your layout making will always feel joyful and far less of an effort.

All decent scrapbooking tutorials will encourage you to express your uniqueness through your layouts, journaling, accents and photo choices.

Copy other people's layout ideas

("Huh?! What happened to uniqueness????")

Many find great uses in following other people's designs. Sometimes, they even bring out the best in themselves by adapting a concept into their own.

This technique is called scraplifting, and it's a great way for beginners to discover their natural style - it's not theft! Do artists never visit galleries?

Create your own mood board

Nothing to do with being moody or bored. Mood boards are commonly used in the fashion industry as testing grounds for new ideas.

Many scrapbook tutorials will encourage you to put up some kind of cork board and just experiment with colours, accents embellishments and background papers.

Use Sketch Templates

This is certainly my favourite technique for producing layouts that I look back on fondly. A scrapbooking sketch

is a great template to keep your layout on track. How would you like it if they built your house without a plan on paper?!

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