Wedding scrapbook ideas are not difficult to come by, and it can be great fun 'scrapping' your wedding from that huge crop of photos you're holding.

Of course, it's not easy to plan your wedding around your wedding scrapbook ideas, or you would miss the joy of the actual day! No, the key is to take (or have others take) a whole bunch of photos and then you can settle down comfortably and make your scrapbook with what you've got.


In this layout, which does appear elsewhere on this site (it's not your imagination) I borrowed a photo from 42 years earlier. Was I cheating? You decide!

Here are some of the themes you can explore as you put organise your photos.....

1. How You Met. Yes, that will include non-wedding day photos too, but that doesn't matter. Your wedding didn't come out of thin air, did it?

2. The Proposal. This could include the ring, of course, and also a photo of where it happened. (This can be taken after the event) Don't whip your camera out at the time - he'll think he's just proposed to a paparazzi!

3. The Venue. Exteriors as well as interiors

4. The Wedding Rehearsal.

5. The Bride and Groom, separately and together.

6. Friends and Relatives (Plus that table full of the people that you threw together because they didn't fit with anyone else but ended up having a really good time anyway

7. The Service, including the bride's entrance, the vows, the kiss, the baby that cried through it all, and the signing of the register.

8. Walking out of the church, the groups for the photos, the photographer gamely trying to assemble people for said photos, the bouquet toss caught by the girl who bodychecked the others in order to catch it, and the confetti being stuffed down the back of the groom's neck (or was that just me?)

I'm sure you have a bunch of wedding scrapbooking ideas in your mind if you dig deep enough. Maybe you're planning a themed wedding

, never mind a themed scrapbook! You'll never have more fun scrapping, than creating a wedding scrapbook.

And if you want your wedding scrapbook to be stunning, then this may well be what you're after. Certainly a good resource for making memorable layouts from your wedding scrapbook ideas

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